Pain Specialist in Bakersfield

Lags Medical Centers – Bakersfield

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Phone: 661.432.1451
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Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

What kind of pain management services does Bakersfield Lags Medical offer?

Lags Medical Centers in Bakersfield focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, using our cutting-edge MAP – From Pain to Wellness Program which treats the underlying causes of pain rather than simply covering up the symptoms with medication.

The dedicated staff of professionals at Lags Medical in Bakersfield are committed to each patient’s well-being and ultimate health. Patients with chronic pain are individually assessed and treated with a plan that fits their specific needs.

Patients are encouraged to be active, exercise and maintain a healthy diet in order to support their overall health treatment program. With trained pain management specialist onsite with the latest research and techniques to help pain suffers regain their life, don’t wait and come in today.

Learn more about the various services offered at Lags Medical Center in Bakersfield like the diagnostic tests, non-invasive to minimally invasive treatment options in our video center, as well as the MAP Pain Management Program by calling us today.