Painful Neuropathy: A Leading Cause of Opioid Addiction

What is Painful Neuropathy?

Painful neuropathy is a complex, chronic pain condition, often caused by damaged nerve fibers. These damaged fibers can send incorrect signals to the body’s pain centers, often causing a patient to feel moderate to severe pain.

Painful neuropathy is one of the most painful chronic conditions treated by pain management specialists, and traditionally, most pain doctors have treated it using the same opioid medications given to patients suffering from other types of chronic pain.

Opioids Do Not Help Treat Painful Neuropathy

Cutting-edge research conducted at the Mayo Clinic, shows that opioids do not provide pain relief to patients suffering from Painful Neuropathy.

Opioids Actually Make Painful Neuropathy Patients Worse.

This same study showed that patients suffering from Painful Neuropathy who are treated with opioids long-term, actually have worse functional status than those who were not given opioids, including an increased risk of:

  • – inability to work
  • – use of walking aids
  • – an overdose
  • – opioid dependence

Painful Neuropathy is a Major Cause of the Opioid Epidemic

So essentially, while opioids do not offer any pain relief for patients suffering from Painful Neuropathy, they do lead to opioid addiction. This makes logical sense, given that Painful Neuropathy patients given a low-dose of opioids, usually report back to their physician, that the low dosage did not help relieve their pain. Over time, dosages are often slowly increased, in the hope of bringing the patient much needed pain relief that never comes, and over time, these patients very often become addicted to the medication that brings them ZERO relief.

MAP Identifies and Treats Painful Neuropathy

The MAP Program identifies painful neuropathy using a simple diagnostic skin test, and when a patient is confirmed to be suffering from it, they are given non-opioid medications that are effective at treating it. Patients are also counseled in natural supplements useful in Painful Neuropathy, and dietary and lifestyle changes such as exercise that also assist in the healing process.

Studies show that these types of lifestyle changes can actually cause the damaged nerve fibers to grow back, and as this slowly happens, pain often slowly disappears.

MAP is a Major Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

The MAP Program properly diagnoses, and treats Painful Neuropathy using non-opioid medications, and in the process of bringing true pain relief to our patients, we feel that we are also helping to solve the opioid epidemic one patient at a time.

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