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Get the treatment you deserve

  • Whether you need help identifying the true source of your pain, recovering from major surgery or addressing multiple issues related to your metabolic disorder, your local Lags Medical Center is here to help as you navigate your path to an active, healthy and enjoyable pain-free lifestyle. Follow these simple steps and please don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful referral coordinators if you have any questions at the phone number below:



Get Your Referral

  • Download this referral form and take it with you to your next appointment with your Primary Care Physician, Family Doctor or Urgent Care facility to request a referral.


Your Medical History

  • Your doctor will send us the required items along with your referral form:
  • – Medical records
  • – Surgical history-Rays, CT’s, MRI’s and EMG’s
  • – Imaging results from X-Rays, CT’s, MRI’s and EMG’s


Set Your Appointment

  • Our coordinators will reach out to you to set your first appointment and mail you the new patient package. Check out the locations nearest you


What To Bring With You

  • Please be sure to bring the following with you to your first appointment:
  • – Your photo ID
  • – Your insurance card
  • – Your completed New Patient Packet

Is my insurance accepted at Lags Medical Centers?

Insurances vary by county and since we have locations in over 20 counties, across 5 states, you’ll need to check. Confirm with the Lags Medical Center clinic nearest you to see if your insurance is accepted.

Let’s Check

I don’t have insurance. Can I still receive care?

Our clinics accept CareCredit and cash too! You can also explore the state and county options in your area. Feel free to contact your local clinic for more information.

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How do I get a replacement New Patient Packet?

Did you misplace the packet of forms we mailed to you? No worries – just download and print another copy so you can get us the information needed to develop your customized treatment plan.

Get A New Packet

Learn about our privacy policies:

View or download our Notice of Privacy Practices to know your rights as a patient and how we protect your information.