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The Importance of Foot Care for Diabetics

The American Diabetes Association recommends foot exams at least annually for all diabetics. Each year, more than 82,000 lower limbs are amputated as a result of diabetes complications. About 60-70% of diabetics have mild to severe forms of diabetic nerve damage – the severe forms can often lead to conditions that require lower extremity amputations..Many serious foot problems can be avoided by following some simple steps and LAGS can help. Our professional and compassionate care also addresses more series issues and can help to preserve limbs, avoiding amputation of the foot or leg.


More than 50% of diabetic foot ulcers will become infected

Chance of death in 10 years doubles for diabetic patients with foot ulcers vs. diabetic patients with no foot ulcers

Twice the risk of cardiac arrest and 40% greater chance of stoke in diabetic patients with foot ulcers

Professional medical care should be given to diabetics with warts, corns, calluses or thickened/yellow toenails

45-85% improvement for preserving a limb/avoiding amputation when diabetics see a qualified podiatrist