LAGS Regenerative, Non-Invasive Wound Care


Lags Wound Care Centers provides the latest, cutting-edge, evidence-based wound-healing therapies that lead to faster and more effective healing for your non-healing wounds.

Advanced Solutions for Problem Wounds

If you have a wound that has not healed for more than 30 days, or a wound that has not responded to traditional treatments, LAGS wound care specialists are here help. Our caring, team of physicians and nurses are dedicated to healing your chronic wound utilizing a treatment plan specifically designed to heal your wound and minimize your risk of losing a limb.

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What Causes Chronic Wounds to Occur?

The causes of non-healing wounds are often complex, and our multi-disciplinary team of specialist work together to treat your specific and unique circumstances and challenges. Causes of your chronic wound may include:

Autoimmune disorders




Chronic diseases


Poor Nutrition


Rheumatoid arthritis

Poor circulation

Medications, such as steroids and immune suppressors

Cutting-edge Treatments and Therapies

Our wound care team of experts uses the most advanced non-invasive treatment options available, including utilizing the growth factors contained in your own healthy skin to heal your chronic wounds. Our therapeutic approaches include:

Biomedically engineered skin grafts

Growth factor therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Conservative or compression dressings

Vacuum-assisted closure devices

Our Program is Evidence-based and Outcome Driven

LAGS Medical wound care specialists bring expertise and clinical insight to promote favorable health outcomes for your non-healing wounds. Our providers will help develop a comprehensive total care plan including:


Individualized goal directed patient care plan

Targeted surgical management

Tissue regeneration

Patient education

Limb preservation

Functional salvage


Collaboration with other disciplines

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